When a writer needs direction on a certain writing project, BusinessGhost will provide individual coaching that can come in the form of a manuscript review or a six-month coaching process.

During a manuscript review, our team will read the client’s manuscript, dictate a comment letter that will typically run 30 to 50 pages, and then have an hour-long conversation with the client about the contents of the letter. BusinessGhost has been very successful with these letters because they deliver to clients everything they need to know about how to rewrite their books.

To read sample comment letters, click here for fiction and here for nonfiction.

The coaching process entails having conversations between the client and the BusinessGhost team every three weeks. Clients may also send pages of their writing project for the team to review and comment on.

If you believe you need advice on a project, please Contact Us today.

Michael Levin is a discerning and kind writing coach who has won consistent plaudits from the many persons I’ve sent his way.
Best-selling author Scott Turow