I like to say that “We only work with people who are too busy to talk to us.”

If you’re not that busy, you probably don’t need a book!

But if you are that busy, how will you get it done?

I’ll share with you our unique process for getting books done more quickly and easily than clients can often imagine.

And it all starts with a serious misconception about a billionaire client.

What I Didn’t Know About Billionaires

This goes back to 2001.

I’d gotten hired by the head of a technology billionaire to do a book about the founding and rapid rise of his company.

I imagined myself kicking back on his LearJet, sipping white wine (okay, I don’t drink, but it was still my fantasy!), and spending hour after hour in fascinating conversation with my client.


Never saw the LearJet.

Hardly saw the client!

I didn’t understand that billionaires are way too hard-working to hang around with writers, on the ground or at 35,000 feet.

Or however high LearJets fly.

My access was limited. I needed a better plan.


From that misconception about billionaires evolved a unique, proven methodology for creating books…while taking up the smallest amount of time on the client’s calendar.

First, we plan the book with the client, in a 60- to 90-minute call. I mentioned earlier that one of my mentor says I’ve created “more successful books than anyone in human history.”

I’ve lost count a while ago – but today, it’s got to be well over 500 books in all fields.

Here at BusinessGhost, we have the unique ability to listen to our clients talk about their businesses, their families, their key ideas, whatever they want at the heart of their books … and come up with a strategic plan for those books.

This includes title, subtitle, and the entire table of contents, chapter by chapter.

We typically start with these three questions:

  1. Who’s the audience – whom are you trying to influence?
  2. What next step do you want members of that audience to take, once they’ve either read your book or saw you talking about your book on TV?
  3. What body of knowledge would convince people in those groups to take that next step with you (and not your competitor!).

It sounds like magic, but if you do something often enough – that whole 10,000 hours thing – you get pretty good at it.

No other ghostwriter or firm can create for you a successful, strategic plan for your book in a single phone call. Nobody.


Now you’ve got a strategic plan for your book.

We then look to our team of 30+ writers, all of whom are veterans in various areas: writing business books; novels; family or business memoirs; business fables; books for financial advisors or insurance professionals.

We determine which writer would be best for your book and arrange a phone introduction.

If you’re happy – and you will be, our writers are fantastic! – we set up a weekly interview schedule with you.

One hour per chapter on the phone is all it takes.

If you have a 10 chapter book, we just need an hour a week for 10 weeks.

That’s it.

The perfect approach – honed over 300 published books – that gets your book done quickly and easily, with a minimum of disruption to your schedule.

You have each chapter in your inbox within two weeks of the call.

That way, you can tell us immediately, “I love this, I hate that, do more of this, do less of that…”

And as a result, by the time we’re delivering the third chapter, it reads like a second or third draft.

That’s because we’re “in your head”and we’ve got your voice down. If the book sounds like us, we failed. If it sounds like you, we succeeded.

Want to front-load the interviewing process? No problem. We can get it all done in a day or two, or we can do multiple interviews per week. We are at your service.

Need to cancel an interview at the last minute? We understand. As I said at the outset, “We only work with people who are too busy to talk to us.”


So now you have a complete manuscript. The BusinessGhost team works together with you to edit and revise as necessary. If you are a financial advisor, we work with your compliance department to satisfy their (constantly growing) needs. (Ditto FINRA, Department of Labor … whoever’s looking over your shoulder.)

Your final deliverable isn’t a Word file of your book. It’s your actual book – in your hands, on Amazon, on, and as a PDF you can offer on the homepage of your website to differentiate you from the competition (poor darlings – they don’t have a book!).

Our publishing partner will design the interior and cover of your book, lay it out, and take care of copyright, ISBN number, bar code, back cover copy, everything.

They have an in-house sales force that will bring your book to buyers at Barnes & Noble, airport bookstores, and independent bookstores.

You can’t get this service at any other ghostwriting firm!

So there you have it … the BusinessGhost way. Your book, which you and I will plan together. Then the right member of my extraordinary team of writers will interview you and write it – and our phenomenal publishing partner will publish it beautifully and quickly (within 60 to 90 days of completing the manuscript!).

Just remember to save me a seat at your first book signing!

To get your book started (or if you’ve started it already, to get it finished) please call 310.497.8547 or email me directly at

Michael Levin