Business Books

Most business people did not write their own books

It’s not quite the story about Yogi Berra, who when asked if he liked his new autobiography, replied, “I don’t know! I haven’t read it yet!”

For most businesspeople, even for those who enjoy writing, sitting down and cranking out a book is simply not the highest and best use of their time. They are much better off doing the things for which they are highly compensated—the things that have made them successful.

That’s where business ghostwriters, also known as business book ghostwriters, come in.

At BusinessGhost, we have had enormous success with professional business ghostwriting (hence our name!).

We have done more than 300 books, most of which are business books.

Our books serve as marketing tools, means of attracting high-dollar speaking engagements, and tools for creating thought leadership.

Here are the primary ways in which a top professional business ghostwriter creates value:

  1. Planning the book.

You could write a dozen different books right now, on a dozen different subjects. But what is the most strategic book for you to write at this moment?

That’s where a top professional business ghostwriter comes in.

We’re able to work with our clients to determine their short-term and medium-term goals, so that they can do a book that will help them reach those goals more quickly and easily.

Rather than doing broad, general, lengthy interviews on every topic under the sun, we like to start with the end in mind.

What is the real business purpose of this book?

What audience are we trying to reach?

What do we want them to do once they’ve read the book, or even seen the author on TV talking about the book?

That helps us determine what body of knowledge currently residing in the author’s head (with a little research to back it up) will be most useful in terms of getting the people in that niche audience to take that next step.

As we like to say at BusinessGhost, don’t write the wrong book.

  1. The second thing a great business ghostwriter does is keep interviews on track.

It’s so easy to wander off and talk about anything under the sun. All too often, writers can be afraid of their clients, lacking the courage necessary to steer interviews in the most useful direction.

At BusinessGhost, our business book ghostwriters are extremely qualified and experienced at keeping interviews on track. This gives us the information we need in order to draft chapters, and it also minimizes the amount of time our clients need to spend on the time with us.

That’s an important reason why we are so successful.

  1. Editing and polishing—when is it enough?

Sometimes clients continue to edit their books long past the point where the books are actually improving! This is because they may be subconsciously concerned about what critics will say.

A wise business book ghostwriter will counsel the client—and we do this every day—that the critics don’t count. Often, they don’t even exist! The most important audience to think about consists of the people whom your book will help. Let’s keep our focus on them, and recognize that they don’t need a perfect book—perhaps because there is no such thing as a perfect book! They just need a book that is extremely well-written and will help them right now. And that’s the kind of book that the business book ghostwriters at BusinessGhost do every day. Those are exactly the professional ghostwriting services that we offer. To find out if our services are a match for your business book idea, apply for a Test Drive.