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If you must establish trust and distinctiveness in your highly competitive marketplace, then you must read The Financial Advisor’s Dilemma: How Can They Trust You When They Don’t Even Know You?

This short, powerful minibook by New York Times best-selling author and Shark Tank entrepreneur Michael Levin, with a foreword by baseball hall of famer Dave Winfield, can transform your position in the marketplace.

In The Financial Advisor’s Dilemma, you’ll get answers to these pressing questions:

  • Why do financial advisors have such a difficult time creating trust with prospects?
  • Is there a proven alternative to both cold calls and spending thousands of dollars on dinner events for high net worth prospects?
  • How can you stand out from the pack without breaking the bank?
  • What’s the easiest way to get speaking engagements, radio and TV appearances?
  • What’s the one thing to add to your website that practically no other financial advisor can offer?

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BusinessGhost has deep experience working with successful financial advisors and insurance professionals. We have worked with many of the top names in the financial services industry, both with the major houses and independent advisors. We can do a book of anywhere from 65 to 200 pages for you as a physical book and/or an eBook.

AdvisorGhostWe only need one hour for the book’s planning, which you will do with Michael Levin. Michael will generate the table of contents for you in the course of that call. He will then connect you with the appropriate team member who will interview you for the book. We only need one hour per chapter, so total planning and interview time will be between 6 to 8 hours over the course of two months.

Everybody’s busy, but 6 to 8 hours over two months? To be a published author? We think you can find the time!

We have extensive experience working with compliance departments across the country and write compliance-friendly books from the start. We recognize that reporting requirements and standards of care have never been higher for financial service professionals and advisors. Our books typically sail through those “compliance departments”, because we get things right the first time.

We write, design, and publish your book, so that your final “deliverable” is physical books in your hands, the book available as a physical book and an eBook on Amazon and Barnes&, and as a PDF file that you can put on your website so that people can download it in exchange for their email address.