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Hi, I’m Michael Levin, founder and CEO of BusinessGhost.com, America’s most respected provider of ghostwritten business books, memoirs, business fables, novels, and books-as-marketing-tools.

My company began in 1994 when my mentor, Bob S., sat me down in a Dunkin’ Donuts in Brookline, Massachusetts and showed me how to start a business…on a single sheet of paper.

At that time, I was two seemingly contradictory things – a Columbia Law School-trained member of the Massachusetts Bar – and a starving writer.

I’d sold a nonfiction book to a small publisher while in law school and sold three novels to Simon & Schuster, which received wonderful critical acclaim in places like The New York Times, People Magazine, and The New Yorker.

But I couldn’t sell a fourth novel … ran out of money … and you know how that goes.

Since I taught at writing classes at UCLA and NYU, Bob advised me to start a business offering writing classes here in Boston, and that’s what I did. I rented space from my yoga instructor and then in a Back Bay church. I put fliers in cafes and stores all over Boston, while listening to cassettes of Stephen Covey on my Walkman for inspiration.

The classes filled, and so did a second round, and a third, and so on. Eventually, some of my students asked me to consult with them on their novels or nonfiction books. And then some of them just said, “Can I pay you to write it for me?”

And that’s how BusinessGhost came to be.

The company grew from just one writer – me – to a second, and a third, and so on, as our reputation for quality and timeliness grew.

I knew nothing about running a business – despite my Columbia Law School degree! So I took courses in marketing, sales, customer service (from the Disney Institute) and entrepreneurship with Strategic Coach.

Little by little, we grew into a company with 25 writers and a truly awesome management team. We’ve now served more than 700 clients and have written and published more than 550 books – 18 national best sellers, two New York Times best sellers, one Kindle Number 1 Business Book, two books featured on 60 Minutes, movie and TV deals for my books and our clients’ books with Disney, Paramount, ABC, HBO, Steven Soderbergh …

All from that meeting with my mentor in that Brookline Dunkin’ Donuts!

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