Become A Bestseller Without Writing A Word

Okay, I’ll come clean.

I used the word “bestseller” in the title as sheer clickbait. I feel guilty, but not all that guilty. After all, it worked. You’re reading. Aren’t you? The reality is that bestseller status is extremely overrated. It just means that you outsold whatever other books were “top of the tree” for a given hour or a given week.

In fact, there are ways to pump your book up bestseller lists—even the New York Times’ August list—in sneaky ways.

So even if a book says “bestseller,” you can’t even be sure that it sold a lot.

Now, what you really want to become is a best-earning author. Best earning authors couldn’t care less if their books don’t even sell a single copy.

Instead, they use their book as a marketing tool. In fact, they use it as the ultimate marketing advantage.

When you’re the author of a book, you claim a level of authority that no one else in your field can possibly imitate. You’ve won.

When your website has a free book download offer, and it’s your book, you look like the number one person in your field… which is what you are (or will rapidly become).

Best-earning authors distribute their books for free as a PDF online to website visitors in exchange for an email address.

That way, the visitor gets all the information about you, your process, your firm, and your way of solving problems, while at the same time, you get their address so that you can market them into submission.

The good news is that you don’t even have to write a word to become a bestselling… er, best-earning author.

All you have to do is hire a ghostwriter.


Where do you find a ghostwriter? Hey, I’m one! In fact, my company has done more than 700 books for CEOs, financial services professionals, top doctors and surgeons, attorneys, entrepreneurs, NFL stars, broadcasters, and celebrities of all kinds.

I humbly submit that we have the best writing team in the universe.

All you have to do is spend an hour a week for ten to twelve weeks—that’s all the time we need to interview you to get everything we need for your book.

We organize it, we write it, we go over your notes and criticisms, we edit it, we publish it, and we can even market it for you.

And you didn’t have to write a word.

Okay, you had to write… that is, sign… two words—your name—on the agreement. But after that, we’ll take care of everything else.

And we’ll even show you how you can become a bestselling author in a single evening without spending a dime.

But the main thing is that you’ll become a best-earning author.

And that’s the best reason in the world to write a book.