Why A Book Is The Perfect Marketing Tool

By Michael Levin, CEO, BusinessGhost.com

Whom do you trust?

In our society today, trust is in short supply.

Politicians, the media, corporate America, and other major institutions all face an ongoing and severe erosion of trust. But there’s one subcategory of people in society who have perhaps even more trust than ever.


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It’s ironic: in an era of declining book reading, people who actually write books are held in higher esteem than ever.

Don’t you admire anyone who can take the time to put thoughts together in such a way that a book emerges?

What’s the first thing people do when they decide they want to run for president?

They write a book.

What’s the first thing people do when they want to get their ideas into the mainstream?

That’s right—they write a book. Why? Because nothing guarantees the conferring of authority on an individual than the writing and publishing of his or her book.

And that’s why books are such amazing marketing tools—because they convey authority and trust.

If it says so on the Internet, it may or may not be true. But if it’s in a book? You can take it to the bank.

At BusinessGhost, we’ve ghostwritten more than 700 “books as marketing tools” for entrepreneurs, health care professionals, business leaders, financial, investing, and insurance professionals, and people in just about every vertical you can think of.

Why? Because these individuals are sick and tired of being commoditized by the Internet, where they’re forced to compete on price, no matter how knowledgeable and experienced they are.

Because they have books, they stand out from the crowd.

Typically, business owners and professionals are trying to get appointments with prospects, but when you become authors, the roles reverse. Prospects are clamoring to get on their calendars.

Instead of having to tell their story over and over to prospect after prospect, their book tells the story for them.

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Because books can be distributed for free as PDFs in exchange for contact information, their prospects have a complete case for why they should go with the author’s firm or services.

And at the same time, the author has the email addresses of prospects, allowing for a drip marketing campaign to stay in touch and bring them onboard.

And here’s a remarkable feature about books that no other marketing mechanism can offer: the moment when the prospect has to “sell you” either to a spouse or other fellow decision makers.

I’m a married man, and any time I tell my wife, “I found the guy,” well, you know what happens. The eye rolling. The “yeah, sure, just like last time.”

How many times have professionals lost the prospective new client simply because prospects could not get the spouse or co-decision makers onboard?

When your prospect can give your book to their spouse or team members to read over the weekend, the deal is yours.

People only glance at websites–they seldom read them all the way through.

In most categories, one website is pretty much the same as all the rest. That’s certainly true in financial services, law, consulting, and many other high-dollar fields.

Where’s the distinctiveness?

Same thing with marketing material. Everybody has white papers or other assorted leave-behinds–that look like everybody else’s white papers and leave-behinds.

But none of that stuff stacks up with a book.

A physical book is the ultimate leave-behind.

Your competitors can only offer a business card, a folder, or maybe a white paper.

But you’re a published author, enjoying all the authority that the status of author confers in our society.

You have plenty of competition. Too much competition, no doubt. So the question becomes, how do you win people’s trust in an era when it just seems as though there’s less and less trust to go around?

You do it by having a book.

And if you want to have a book written for you, to your specifications, sounding just like you, with a minimal amount of interview time, go to the top.


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