“But I Don’t Know What My Book Is About!”

By New York Times bestselling author Michael Levin, CEO, BusinessGhost

I know that may seem crazy—the idea of starting a book without knowing exactly what the topic should be.

Many of my clients wondered the same thing.

They knew they wanted or needed a book for business or personal reasons, and they weren’t sure exactly which book to write.

The good news is that helping you figure that out is part of my job.

It’s almost impossible to be objective about your own intellectual property, your own life experience, everything you’ve learned in your job.

The first part of the BusinessGhost book-writing process, therefore, is where the client and I meet, typically on the phone for an hour to 90 minutes, and work through this very issue.

Here’s how we do it.

FirBookst, we talk about the specific audience you’re trying to reach.

That’s the starting point for a book—because once you know the audience, it gets a lot easier to figure out the content.

So whom are you trying to influence? Whom are you trying to reach? Whom are you trying to sell to?

The next question is this: What next steps do you want readers to take once they’ve read your book, seen you on TV talking about your book, or seen you doing a keynote about your book somewhere?

In other words, what outcome do we want the book to have that benefits both you and the reader?

Once we’ve got those two questions answered—who’s the audience and what next step you want them to take—we begin to focus on what the book will actually contain.

That’s actually our third question: What body of knowledge currently in your head would convince people in those specific niche audiences you have identified to take those specific next steps with you?

This is how we construct the title, subtitle, and chapter by chapter outline for the book.

A mentor says “I’ve created more successful books than anyone in human history.”

That might be an exaggeration, but only a slight one. I’ve created more than 700 books in my 23 years of running BusinessGhost.

So you don’t have to know exactly what your book is going to be when you start the BusinessGhost process.

It’s actually exciting and fun as we determine together what book will be the most effective, strategic, money making, and fun for you right now.

No title, no subject? No problem.

Let’s work this one out together. You’ll be excited and delighted by the book we co-create.