From Zero To $10 Million, With Four BusinessGhost Books

Gary Kadi, BusinessGhost Author and successful dentist consultant

His name is Gary Kadi, and he looks like George Clooney.

George Clooney does something sexy-he makes movies.

Kadi does something you might not consider sexy.

He consults to dentists.

Kadi recognized years ago that dentists were underserved in terms of the quality of consulting they were receiving.

He saw a market opportunity.

So he came to BusinessGhost and had us write a book that explained his approach to consulting.

He told me, “My goal is to have five dentists as clients.

“I’ll charge them each $120,000 a year.

“I’ll guarantee them double that amount in new revenue in the first year.

“They’ll make a fortune, and only five people will have my cell phone number.”

That’s what he said then.

Since then, Million Dollar Dentistry has become the gold standard in the dental field.

Kadi has a lot more than five clients.

He now has a massive international consultancy that he could sell tomorrow for $10 million.

But he won’t, because he loves it.

We’ve since done three more books for Kadi, which have cemented his position as the thought leader in the future of dentistry.

Millions of people around the world tolerate, or even like, going to the dentist, because they go to Kadi’s clients.

They get the treatment they need, and in an environment that is professional, soothing, and confidence-inspiring.

How did he get from where he was to where he is today?

Within a year of the book coming out, one of the three top providers of dental equipment in the United States came across the book and called him.

“We’ve been looking for somebody like you to open up a consulting practice for us,” they told him.

“We’re going to put you on the road. Send you to Ritz-Carltons around the country. Put you in front of audiences of three hundred dentists and office managers in each city.

“We’ll give everybody a copy of your book, and we’ll pay you $6,000 for each three-hour session you do.

“Teach them how to run a better dental office, and all the principles in your book, and just make sure you say something nice about us.”

Kadi’s Ritz-Carlton road trip put him and his consulting practice on the map.

From there, he went through all of the challenges of rapid growth-getting the right people in the right spots on the bus, the whole thing.

And now…his company continues to enjoy explosive growth.

Why do I tell you his story?

Simply put, whenever you do a book, magic happens.

You can never predict from what direction the magic will come.

But it always shows up.

Maybe the thing I’m most proud about Kadi is that he actually let me title one of the chapters in his first book, “What You Should Really Be Doing With Your Dental Hygienist.”

Whenever I do any kind of hard sell in this newsletter, I hear crickets.

But I thought you might enjoy hearing a story about how one of our clients was able to succeed beyond his wildest dreams-because of the books we did for him.

Gary Kadi has now sold or distributed more than 60,000 copies of Million Dollar Dentistry around the world.

He is living the magic that happens when you have a book.

What about you?

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