Finish & Publish My Manuscript

Often, clients come to us with a manuscript that is not quite finished. They want to know how to finish a manuscript, and how to get a book published for the first time. Either the writing isn’t finished, or it just isn’t up to the level of professionalism that the client knows the book must demonstrate.

Either way, we have a great track record in terms of “polishing and publishing” for our clients.

So let’s talk about how we finish and publish manuscripts for our clients.

We always read the manuscript for free, and then provide thoughts for the reader about how to best improve the manuscript and get it to the finish line.

Sometimes, length is the issue—we’ve seen manuscripts of 500 to 600 pages that needed to be cut down to 200, but the effort required was unappealing for the client.

Or the manuscript was too short, and we needed to do some interviewing to get the manuscript to be as complete and thorough as the author’s purposes required.

Or the writing was good but not great. In this case, we need to “upgrade” the writing without changing the voice, so that it still sounds as though the client did all the work.

Once that’s all finished, we can then publish the manuscript in sixty days, as a paperback, as a hardcover, or as an e-book, up on Amazon and and even available for sale in bookstores, depending on the type of book.

People often wonder how much it costs to finish and publish their first manuscript. We always read for free – we never charge our clients a fee to read their work. If we think we can be useful, we explain what we would like to do and then provide the fees. So if you’ve ever wondered “How much does it cost to finish and publish a manuscript?” – we can get you a quote quickly.

To find a publisher for your first manuscript today isn’t easy. Most major publishers are simply not interested in taking on new or unproven authors.   The major houses are more interested in how many people follow you on social media and not how great your work is. That’s unfortunate, and makes it harder than ever to find a publisher.

That’s where we come in.

If you’ve got a manuscript that isn’t finished and isn’t quite where it needs to be, let us take a look. We can get you to the finish line quickly and painlessly! Submit your manuscript to us using the form below:

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