One No Trump

Okay, I’m out.

I won’t lie.

I’d hoped Donald Trump, once the Republican nomination was secured, would awaken from his macho fulminations and realize that he was just a heartbeat from the Oval Office.
That he would pivot from dog whistles and bluster and Mexican walls and Muslim bans and recognize that the leadership of the free world was his for the taking.

But he didn’t.

Because he couldn’t.

How A Trump Voter Ended Up In An Elizabeth Warren Video Attacking Donald Trump

Elizabeth Warren

So I’m sitting in my car last week in front of the nearby Whole Foods, my favorite spot for hiding out, and I get a text – “Just saw you in the new Elizabeth Warren video.”


I admire Warren’s stand on bankruptcy but had some doubts about other things.  So why would I be in her video?

Must be some mistake.

Except it wasn’t.