One of the most distinctive features about BusinessGhost—the fact that only an hour a week is needed from our clients’ schedule.  One of the main concerns of prospects is where they will find the time in order to do interviews with their ghostwriter.  BusinessGhost recognizes that our clients—business leaders, leading speakers, top figures in the worlds of sports and broadcasting, finance, healthcare, and other fields—consider time perhaps their most precious asset. So a very small intrusion is made on our clients’ schedules.

This is how the BusinessGhost three-stage process works:

Writing & Development Phase

In the Writing & Development phase you will meet with a BusinessGhost writer, at our offices or via telephone, to determine the scope and draft the table of contents for your book.

From there, we will schedule hour-long interviews with you, one hour per chapter.  Each interview is tailored to your individual project needs.  BusinessGhost will deliver each chapter to you within ten days of the call.  This way, you’ll see exactly what your book will look like.

Book Designing Phase

Once the content is complete, the book designing process will begin.  We will have the cover and book’s interior designed to your satisfaction.  We will also arrange for copyright, ISBN number, Library of Congress cataloguing number, bar code, and all other aspects of production.

Distribution Phase

We will provide you with 50 physical copies of your book and also make it available for sale on Amazon,, Kindle, iTunes, and as a PDF you can offer on your website in exchange for contact information from prospects.

Please contact Sara with your interests, inquiries, or questions at (800) 637 6856 or email us at