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The Financial Advisor's Dilemma

Memo to Financial Advisors:

Can One Free 46-Page Book Solve Your Biggest Marketing Problem?

If you must establish trust and distinctiveness in your highly competitive marketplace, then you must read The Financial Advisor’s Dilemma: How Can They Trust You When They Don’t Even Know You?

“I know of no other book that addresses the marketing challenges financial advisors face, especially in such an entertaining and elucidating manner as this one. I am very, very impressed with the writing and how you have presented the material.”

Charles D. Martin, Chairman, Mont Pelerin Capital, Newport Beach, California

This short, powerful minibook by New York Times best-selling author and Shark Tank entrepreneur Michael Levin, with a foreword by Baseball Hall of Famer Dave Winfield, can transform your position in the marketplace.

“Michael has a passion for writing and a skill that is unparalleled. His style is easy, professional, persuasive.  Michael is brilliant!”

Donna Phelan, First Vice President, Major National Financial Services Firm, Rolling Hills Estates, California

In The Financial Advisor’s Dilemma, you’ll get answers to these pressing questions:

  • Why do financial advisors have such a difficult time creating trust with prospects?
  • Is there a proven alternative to both cold calls and spending thousands of dollars on dinner events for high net worth prospects?
  • How can you stand out from the pack without breaking the bank?
  • What’s the easiest way to get speaking engagements, radio and TV appearances?
  • What’s the one thing to add to your website that practically no other financial advisor can offer?

“This fascinating book will show financial advisors how to tap into the top 1% of American wealth.”

Mitchell S. Brill, JD, MSFS, CFP®, CAP® , CEXP(tm), Managing Director, Altium Wealth Management, Purchase, New York

The minibook is free. The solutions are priceless.

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