Are You Ready?

  Michael Gerber created the E-Myth concept, which sold more than 5 million books – one of the most successful business books in publishing history. Michael has become a dear friend and a mentor figure in my life. He once said something fascinating to me about my business. “For the people you serve,” he told me, “it isn’t about the money. “It’s about being ready.” When you do a book, he explained, your life changes in a wonderful way. Magic … [Read more...]

Making Serious Money As A Published Author

As part of a focus group, I asked my clients and readers what they wanted from me as a writing and publishing expert. What came back was simple.  It was this question, asked in a number of different ways: "How do I make money - serious money - as a published author?" I have an answer. It's a Mastermind group, strictly limited to 12, that meets quarterly in Boston and in Newport Beach, CA. You can also attend via video link, or simply receive the videos the day after the … [Read more...]



Why do the major television networks – CNN, Fox News, and so on – allow themselves to be used as recruiting tools for terror networks? Why do they permit themselves to carry messages for the worst people on the planet? Because terror is big bucks for the news media, I suppose. The reason the terrorists produce videos is because if they kill someone behind closed doors, only a handful of people will be affected. If they release a video, then the whole world will be … [Read more...]

Dude Perfect: Come For The Trick Shots And Stereotype Videos; Stay For The Message Of Faith

Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect, five buddies who recently graduated Texas A&M, have become one of the hottest sensations on the Internet for their trick shot and "stereotype" videos. They've done videos with Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll, among other sports stars, and have gotten product placement deals with Gatorade, car manufacturers, and other topline companies…but have eschewed alliances with alcoholic beverages or men's magazines. That's because the subtext of Dude Perfect is their love for the … [Read more...]