This is Your Captain Speaking, And He Ain’t Happy


So I’m taking one of those Delta vans from one terminal to the other at JFK when a young guy in a suit and tie sits down next to me. It’s late, and we’re the only people in the van aside from the driver. We get to talking. Turns out he flies for Delta. But that doesn’t mean what you or I might think it means. It doesn’t mean that he’s ex-military, commands a six-figure salary, struts through the airport like a colossus, and makes $250,000 a year. Instead, he told … [Read more...]

The Smoking Crater Theory of Civil Liberties

Patriot Act

After 9/11, the U.S. Congress put together a bill called the Patriot Act, a grab bag of goodies the intelligence community had long craved. The intent was to remedy problem areas in the gathering and use of intelligence on our enemies at home and abroad. To oppose the Patriot Act was, well, unpatriotic, and it passed both houses of Congress rapidly and with little dissent. President George W. Bush signed the bill into law within sixty days of 9/11. There were definitely problems. … [Read more...]

What Do 4,400 Disabled Kids And One Crazy Irishman Have In Common?

Achilles International

4,400 disabled kids are going back to New York City schools this week, wearing running shoes they won for having run a virtual marathon 26.2 miles over the course of the last school year. They suffer from partial paralysis, cerebral palsy, are on the autism spectrum, or as Dick Traum, founder and leader of Achilles International, a group that supports disabled athletes says, “They have any disability you can think of.” In addition, 63-year-old ultra-marathoner Tom “Running Man” … [Read more...]

Who The Hell Put These People In Charge Of Popular Culture?

The Mikado

A cultural group in Seattle has appointed itself the Lord High Executioner for culture, pronouncing the Gilbert and Sullivan classic light opera The Mikado repugnant to their sensibilities. One of the Mikado’s most beloved numbers features Ko-Ko singing that he’s “Got a little list…of society offenders…who never would be missed.” Add to that list the group protesting The Mikado. Where does political correctness end? The Mikado is a period piece, depicting race relations … [Read more...]

Why Tony Stewart’s Going To Daytona, Not Dannemora

Tony Stewart

Not sure if you’re a NASCAR fan, but something unusual happened this weekend. Tony Stewart is one of the top owner/drivers in the sport. Makes $20 million a year or more. In his spare time, he likes to race at the smaller tracks around the country, the kind of places where he got his start. It’s a little like Michael Phelps challenging you to swim a couple of laps in your pool at the YMCA. Stewart is known as an angry guy, a competitor who gets into fistfights with other … [Read more...]