The Team

SARA STRATTON / Chief Operating Officer
An Orange County native, Sara Stratton attended University of California, Irvine and earned her degree in Literary Journalism and Broadcast Media with a minor in Women’s Studies. Sara Stratton has been featured in the New U University Times, on the radio, and is continuing to follow her dreams of managing a team in the publishing field. She was the host of her own original radio show, “Your Key to the OC … Discovering Orange County,” which aired once a week for an hour on 88.9 KUCI. Before coming to BusinessGhost, Sara worked full-time at National Geographic in Washington, D.C., where she held a position in the International Business Affairs and Kids Magazine Production department. Now back in Orange County, Sara’s role varies from overseeing everything internal, including sales, which frees up the CEO to focus on external matters (PR and partnerships), to supporting the writing and production team, to performing strategic and operational responsibilities in order to aid business growth.