Our Purpose

Our mission is to provide books as launching opportunities for success in business or in any worthwhile endeavor. We don’t focus on income derived from book sales. Instead, we write, rewrite, and publish books that create an enormous reservoir of goodwill on the part of the readers toward the author. In keeping with Emerson’s Law of Compensation, the readers of these books repay our clients for the wisdom they have shared by hiring them, purchasing goods and services from them, and referring them to others.

The books we write are usually short and to the point – typically 150 to 175 pages. Every word counts. We believe in delivering value on every page. The books demonstrate that their authors understand their readers’ challenges better than anyone else and have proven solutions to those problems. Our clients thus become the most trustworthy experts in their fields.

We write and rewrite business books, memoirs, body/mind/spirit books, business fables, and novels. Our work is confidential.

When you’re a BusinessGhost author, you’re the authority.