What makes BusinessGhost unique?

As our CEO, Michael Levin says, “We only work with people who are too busy to talk to us.”

Nobody has time to write a book. That’s why we ask for just an hour a week.

Our clients are high-level executives and business owners, members of the Forbes 400, financial advisors, broadcasters, athletes, entertainers, doctors, and other thought leaders.

All are too busy to talk to a writer!
So how do we do serve people who don’t have all the time in the world to get a book done?

1. Creating The Plan

You’ll first meet with New York Times best selling author Michael Levin, to determine what book you should write and your goals for the book.  Together, you’ll determine:

– The audience for the book – whom you want to influence

– The actions you want that audience to take

– The table of contents for the book that will influence that audience to take that action.

2. The Interviewing

You’ll meet weekly for an hour-long interview with an acclaimed BusinessGhost writer – one hour per chapter, based on the table of contents you created with Michael.  Within ten days, you’ll have the chapter from that call in your inbox.  An hour a week…for a dozen weeks…and the first draft of your book is complete!

3. Editing And Proofreading

You’ll review each chapter with your BusinessGhost writer and get us changes and revisions within 30 days of the receipt of each chapter.  We then have the completed manuscript professionally proofread and copy edited.  We take care of everything!

Once the manuscript is complete…

4. Design, Blurbs, Back Cover Copy

We will have the cover and the interior designed to your satisfaction.  We will get blurbs for you, write your back cover copy, and prepare the book for publication.

5. Publishing And Distribution

We arrange for the publishing of your book — as a physical book, an eBook downloadable to the Kindle and the Nook, an iBook sold via iTunes, and a PDF.  Your book will be available on Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com and in brick and mortar Barnes and Noble bookstores by special order.  We will also directly handle additional order fulfillments with the printer.  We never mark up the price or take a cut of the printer’s fee.

6. Marketing

We have identified the “best of breed” book marketers and are happy to introduce you to them.  They will provide, for a separate fee, book marketing and branding services as follows:

– TV and radio interviews

– Speaking engagements

– Articles by and about you placed in national and local media outlets (newspapers, magazines)

– Social media presence (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, blogging, YouTube, etc.)


You can only get to steps one through six if you contact us!

Please call Sara toll-free at 800 637 6856 or email her at Sara@BusinessGhost.com to learn more about how to become a BusinessGhost Author.  We look forward to serving you!