It’s Time To Rock ‘N Roll!

My friend and client David Fishof created the Ringo Starr All-Star Band and people constantly asked him, “What’s it like to travel with Ringo and the other rock stars?”

Fishof, a genius at negotiating with a lengthy track record of success in music and sports, often found himself at a loss for words.

“What’s it like to spend extended amounts of time with the world’s greatest rock stars?” Fishof says.  “You’ve got to do it to really understand how fascinating it is.  They’re not just brilliant musicians.  They’re brilliant, fascinating people.”

David drew on his background as a top sports agent, where fantasy camps abound, to create the Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp.  RRFC offers regular folks the opportunity to meet, write songs, form bands, and perform with rock legends from Roger Daltrey to Sammy Hagar to Gene Simmons.

Attendees frequently describe their RRFC experience as life-changing.  To spend days with their favorite rock stars, to jam and perform with them, is a dream come true.

David let my kids and me attend an RRFC last year, and one of my sons learned boogie woogie from Guns N Roses pianist Teddy Andreatis, while my other son played drums with Blue Oyster Cult bassist Rudy Sarzo.  And then Marky Ramone entered a rehearsal studio, picked up the drumsticks, and played “I Want To Be Sedated” along with three RRFC attendees—my three kids and me.

Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp became the subject of a Mark Burnett reality show and has now found a permanent home at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

David’s experience with promoting bands, tours, and the RRFC led him to realize that the business world could learn a lot from the music world.  So he has written a new book, Rock Your Business!  : What You and Your Company Can Learn from the Business of Rock and Roll.  The book, already a national best seller, can be ordered here.

I’ve worked with hundreds of people in the business world and I’ve never met anyone as generous and genuine as David.  He has the greatest stories about musicians, the business of rock, and sports negotiations, and he shares them all in this fascinating book.

You will love RRFC — the perfect holiday gift for the music lover in your world – and you’ll also love this book.  I’m proud to have worked on it with David, and I’m proud to call David my friend.

Michael Levin About Michael Levin

As one of the most established ghostwriters in the nation, New York Times best-selling author Michael Levin has written, co-written or ghostwritten more than 100 books, of which nine are national best sellers. He appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank on January 20, 2012. In the past, Michael has published with Simon & Schuster, Random House, St. Martin’s Press, Putnam/Berkley, and many other houses. His works have been optioned for film and TV by Steven Soderbergh/Paramount, HBO, Disney, ABC, and others. One of his own novels became Model Behavior, an ABC Sunday night Disney movie of the week.