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Publishing a book can be very daunting. We’ll help you craft the perfect selling document, laying out everything a publisher needs to know about your book. Learn more »


We bring your book to life without overloading your schedule. If you can spare just an hour a week, you can be a published author in a matter of months! Learn more »

Manuscript Review

Need a bit of direction on your manuscript? We provide the revision guaranteed to put your writing project on the path to success! Learn more »

Polish & Publish

We not only help you upgrade your manuscript to perfect publishing condition; we also publish and distribute your book in both physical and e-Book format. Learn more »

The Book Of The Quarter Club™

Publish four mini books in one year!
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When you’re the author, you’re the authority. At BusinessGhost, we’ve produced books for people ranging from business leaders, leading athletes and broadcasters, to motivational and transformational speakers. Learn more »